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"Here's A Quick And Easy, Low Cost Way To Track The EXACT Response To Any Ad, Anywhere"


From the desks of:
Robert Drakes & Calvin Clarke
of The Clarke Company

Re: Your 100% High Profit Instant Software Business

Dear Friend,

Any successful marketer will tell you the importance of tracking the response to your ads.

If you're sending emails to your list, you should know how many people click on links in the email, so you can determine whether the ad was of interest to your subscribers - and whether your email copy was up to the job.

For ads placed on your web site, you need to see how many visitors are clicking on the ads, to determine whether they could be improved.

For ads placed elsewhere (on other sites or in other people's ezines), you need to know not only how good your ad is - but also how good that advertising source was, so you can decide whether to use it again.

To do all this, you need a solution called "ad-tracking".

There are many ad-tracking solutions available on the Internet, but they are usually quite expensive.

But now there is a really simple, low cost alternative.

Hp Click Counter makes it quick and easy to track the number of clicks for any ad or link - and at an amazingly low price.

Quick And Easy Solution

Hp Click Counter

With  Hp Click Counter, it's quick and easy to apply this solution to any ad.

Just enter the link for the ad into the script set up tool as shown below...

The tool will create a new script file that you upload to your website.

Now just send all your traffic to the web address of the script.

The script will keep a count of the number of visitors and clicks and then forward the visitor on to the link.

View The Statistics At Any Time

Once you have set it up, you can view the statistics at any time, just by visiting a special web address with your Internet browser.

You'll see a simple report like this example:

Statistics for link:

Number of visitors: 23

Total clicks: 27

You can see the number of visitors that have clicked on the link and the total number of clicks (some visitors may click the link more than once, so the script keeps two separate counters).

This allows you to instantly see the response to your ad, at any time.

View The Statistics At Any Time

You only need to order one copy of this software, irrespective of how many links you want to track.

You can install your copy of the  Hp Click Counter script as many times as you want, on as many sites as you want - all at no extra cost.

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Hp Click Counter
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Here's How To Order:

Simply click on the order button below and follow the instructions.

Following your order you'll gain INSTANT ACCESS to this software.

Hurry ... Your very own 100% high profit software arsenal is ready and waiting!




To your high profits and success,

Robert Drakes & Calvin Clarke
High Profit Software by The Clarke Company