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It's a well-known fact that Search Engines love regularly updated content on websites.

Sites which are regularly updated generally get ranked much higher than static sites that are created and then never touched again.

However continually updating your site with new content is rather a lot of hassle.

But now, there is an easier way.

With our powerful Hp Article Generator, you can instantly add a small bit of code to your web pages that will deliver regularly updated, search-engine friendly content - taken directly from some of the top article directories - and shown on your web pages on autopilot.

Quick And Easy Solution

Hp Article Generator


Get Free Automatically Updated Article Content

Hp Article Generator allows you to harness the power of so-called "Javascript Feeds".

Many sites offer Javascript feeds, including several of the top article directories.

To use a Javascript feed, you simply visit the appropriate article directory site, select a few options and then paste the supplied snippet of code into your web page.

Instantly you get automatically updated content shown on your web page.

It really is that easy!

Here's an example of self-updating content that you can get absolutely FREE...

Most Recent Articles from
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Articles provided by

This feed is for the fitness niche and is taken from one of the major article directories.

You can choose from over 100 different niche categories on this article directory site alone.

The directory will deliver suitable content to your site automatically - continually rotating the content for you - and including new articles as they are added to the directory.

With this solution, it really is a very simple way to get highly targeted self-updating article content - with very little effort.

However there is a big flaw with all Javascript feeds.

Javascript feeds are visible to your visitors, but since they are based on Javascript, they are NOT readable by Search Engine spiders.

In fact, from a Search Engine perspective, these feeds are completely invisible.

This is rather unfortunate as this undermines our primary reason for wanting to add them.

However that's where your copy of Hp Article Generator comes in.

The software fixes the problem, by automatically converting the feeds provided by the article directory into fully search engine friendly content.

Get Free Automatically Updated Article Content

Hp Article Generator can be used to add search engine friendly Javascript feeds to any web page - in just a few seconds.

Here's a screenshot of this easy to use software:

Just take the script code supplied by the article directory site - and paste it into the tool, then click the Create button. 

The software will then instantly generate special HTML code.

The tool can either copy the code onto the Windows Clipboard (so you can paste it into your web page using your HTML editor) - or it can directly insert the code into your web page for you.

Once you've used the tool and uploaded your updated web page, the feed will appear on your web page automatically, showing your visitors the very latest article content.

The feed looks exactly the same as if it was taken directly from the article directory - but because you've used Hp Article Generator, the content is readable by the search engines.

This provides regularly updated, search engine friendly, targeted content on your website automatically

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